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Keeping the Candle Burning

FEPOW Family


The FEPOW Family has been established to research loved ones who suffered in the Far East during WWII.

It has space on its server to incorporate web sites which help us to understand Where, Why and How it affected our loved ones.


Des Bettany Calendar

A Celebration of Des’s Artwork

With the kind permission of Des’s Family.

On the understanding no profit is to be made from the calendar sales

A further 25 are on order

finished calendar

Sample for January 2019


10 each

 Including UK Postage and Packing

Email order to gillian@fepow.family

We made a slight loss with the last issue due to the extra thick glossy paper the printers used, so the weight made the postage more expensive.

Those 15 who have their names down please eamil Gillian ASAP to confirm your order.

All 50 of First Issue taken within 24 hours

Expected delivery to us will be first week in January

Calendar design and printing funded in the UK

by FEPOW Family Charity Group

I sincerely apologise  for any left out with the first issue, we tried to give everyone a chance to own the calendar, but we had to limit it to 50 issued.


First come first served so please put your order in ASAP


We sincerely thank the Bettany Family for allowing us to print Des’s Calendar

Thank You

Keeping the Candle Burning




The sites are supported by Members of the FEPOW Family Charity Group

Members Benefits:-

Shared OneDrive Research files

Monthly Video Research Meetings

Sub Domain to host their own research

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If you would like to become a member click here

Keeping the Candle Burning


If you would rather make a donation to help fund the sites

Please select ‘GIFT’ when donating and PayPal will not take commission



Thank you for your support



FEPOW Family

Keeping The Candle Burning

In Memory of FEPOW Family Loved Ones

Who Suffered in the Far East

Thanks for all the support


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