John Hardman

Followed through as much as I could on John Hardman, I now believe he was not a FEPOW but either a German or Italian PoW:-

These are all the ‘Hardman’ Japanese PoWs with Japanese Index Cards:-
Frank Hardman — 1942 Malaya PoW camp Malaya World War 2

John Hardman — 1942 Hiroshima PoW camp Japan World War 2
(This John Hardman comes from Bolton and his parents were Albert & Mary)
Joseph Hardman — 1942 Borneo PoW camp Borneo World War 2

Ronald Hardman — 1942 Malaya PoW camp Malaya World War 2

W Hardman — 1942 Malaya PoW camp Malaya World War 2

None of these coincides with John’s parent’s names, birth year or home address.

It may be worth obtaining his Service Record as I believe he could have been a German or Italian PoW:-

These are all the ‘Hardman’ who were a PoW in WWII, taken out those who died as you said he survived, these are German and Italian PoW’s. I’m afraid these have no address or next of kin listed. There are some obvious ones listed as Warwickshire or Staffordshire Regiments. The place of capture is by every name. This list is from the 50 ‘Hardman’ I found who went ‘Missing’ after a campaign, taken out those who were later found to have died, those below were PoWs who survived. Next step would certainly be to obtain his ‘Service Record’, then let me know his service number and regiment and I’ll see what I can find:-
J. Hardman, 1493008, Gunner, Royal Artillery, WO 417/16 – 1940, France
J. Hardman, 2196861, Sapper, Royal Engineers, WO 417/31 – 1941-44, Crete, Middle East
J. Hardman, 3714205, Private, Worcestershire Regiment, WO 417/46 – 1942, Cyrenaica, Middle East
J. Hardman, 5054829, Acting Corporal, North Staffordshire Regiment, WO 417/92 – 1944, Italy, North Africa
J.A. Hardman, 4132331, Private, Cheshire Regiment, WO 417/65 – 1943, Sicily, Middle East
J.A. Hardman, 4805088, Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals, WO 417/69 – 1943, Aegean, Middle East
J.D. Hardman, 420896, Sergeant, Royal Armoured Corps, WO 417/68 – 1943, Italy, North Africa
J.J. Hardman, 1765629, Gunner, Royal Artillery, WO 417/70 – 1943-44, North Africa, Italy
J.R. Hardman, 3859348, Lance Corporal, Loyal Regiment, WO 417/73 – 1944, Italy, North Africa
W.J. Hardman, 5110362, Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, WO 417/77 – 1944, North West Europe
J.E. Hardman-Mountford, 73655, Acting Lieutenant, South Staffordshire Regiment, WO 417/8 – 1944, Western Europe

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