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The Blog Captain shows people who have influenced me, giving me encouragement and inspiration to write these pages.

Left to right:-

Leslie Rooney –  – Maurice Rooney – Reg Rainer.

Centre:- Alistair Urquhart – Reg Rainer – Gillian Taylor (my wife in the background, always there for me).

Fred Taylor (my pop) – Arthur Lane – John Green MBE.

Roger Mansell – Photo not included. Roger was a good American friend who inspired me to take on the Java Index, miss his encouragement.


Leslie Rooney – Roll of Honour

Maurice Rooney – Roll of Honour

Brothers in Arms – Far Eastern Heroes (Leslie and Maurice Rooney)

Reg Rainer – Roll of Honour

Reg Rainer Returns – Far Eastern Heroes (Reg Rainer and his wife Win)

Alistair Urquhart – Roll of Honour

Alistair Urquhart – Far Eastern Heroes (Alistair Urquhart)

Frederick Noel Taylor – Roll of Honour (my pop)

Private 5776807 – Far Eastern Heroes (Fred Taylor – my pop)

Arthur Lane – Roll of Honour

Musician to the Dead  – Fepow Community (Arthur Lane)

John Green – Roll of Honour

John Green MBE – Britain at War (John Green)

Roger Mansell – Roll of Honour

A big thank you to those of the FEPOW Family and FEPOW Community who are donating to help keep these pages for the next generation to read. I am forever in your debt.

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