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Far East Campaign

Books Published

Compiled by Brian Williams

Author of ‘The Forgotten Squadron’




1,000 Days on the River Kwai: The Secret Diary of  a British Camp Commandant

H.C. Owtram

125th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A.1939-1945.

Murdoch Mackenzie

1995 Changi Diary: Celebrating the Australian Spirit

Neil Pigot

6th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery

P. Walker

9th Gurkha Rifles, The (Volume 2) 1937-1947.

G.R. Stevens

A Copper in Kypriou

Jack Taylor

A Cruel Captivity

Ellie Taylor

A Different Brand Of English

Andrew Mason

A Doctor’s War

Aiden MacCarthy

A Doctor's Sword

Bob Jackson

A Doctor's War

Rowley Richards

A Green Hill Far Away

Fred Hirst

A Life for Every Sleeper: A pictorial record of the Burma-Thailand Railway

Hugh V. Clarke

A Musket For The King

Lesley S. Ives

A Record of the War: The Tenth Quarter

Philip Graves

A Song for Nagasaki

Paul Glynn & Shusaku Endo

A Spoonful of Rice with Salt

George Patterson

A.A. Duncan is OK

Meg Parkes

Accident or Assassnation

Arthur Lane

Active Service with Australia in the Middle East

No Author

Against all Odds: The History of the 2/18 BN A.I.F

James Burfitt

Against the Sun

James Uhr

Alberts War

Sydney A.Walmsley

All Quiet on the Irrawaddy

John Finnerty


Roger Maynard

Ambushed Under The Southern Cross

George W. Duffy

An Angel on my Shoulder

Geoffrey Monument

An Imperial Prisoner

I.B. Wyness

An Ocean Without Shores

Cyril Oswald Jennings

And All The Trumpets

Donald Smith

And the Dawn Came up Like Thunder

Leo Rawlings

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Batt. 1941-42.

Ian MacArthur Stewart

Arthur's War

Arthur Bancroft with John Harman

Asiatic Land Battles - Expansion of Japan in Asia

Trevor Nevitt duPuy

Asiatic Land Battles: Allied Victories in China and Burma

Trevor Nevitt duPuy

At Dawn We Slept

Gordon W. Prange

Atlas of Conflict WW32 The Pacific

Sean Sheehand

Aussie Soldier

Denny Neave & Craig Smith

Australia and the Second World War

A.K. MacDougall

Australian Artists at War Vol 1

John Reid

Australian Prisoners of War

Patsy Adam-Smith

Australians at War

Peter Cochrane

Australians in Malaysia

James Duffy

Back to Burma

Mary Davey

Bamboo and Barbed Wire

Stanley Wood-Higgs

Bamboo and Bushido

Alfred George Allbury

Bamboo Doctor

Stanley S.Pavillard

Bamboo Fortress, The

H Sidhu

Bamboo Heart

Ann Bennett

Bamboo Island

Ann Bennett

Bamboo Road

Ann Bennett

Bamboo Round My Shoulder - Changi the lighter side

George Sprod

Bamboo, Rice and Seaweed

Owen F. Mahoney

Banzai, You Bastards

Jack Edwards & Jimmy Walter

Barbed Wire and Bamboo

H. Clarke & C. Burgess

Bataan - The March of Death

Stanley L. Falk

Battalion at War: Singapore 1942

Michael Moore

Battle for Burma, The

Phillip Jowett

Battle For Manila, The

Richard M. Connaughton

Battle for Palembang

Terence Kelly

Battle for Singapore, The

Peter Thompson

Battle Within, The - POWs in Postwar Australia

Christina Twomey

Before Hiroshima

Jacqueline Jeynes

Behind Bamboo: an inside story of the Japanese prison camps

Rohan D. Rivett

Behind the Wire - A Cinical Diary - Changi 1944/5

Burnett Leslie Clarke

Beloved Enemy

K. Kataki

Betrayal In High Places

James Mackay

Beyond the Bamboo Screen

G.S.Gimson & Tom McGowran

Beyond the Chindwin

Bernard Ferguson

Biography of Max Norman Jones

Elizabeth M Whitney

Bitter End, The: The Fall of Singapore 1941-42.

Richard Holmes & Anthony Kemp

Black Jack: The Life/Times of Brig.Sir F Galleghan

Stan Arneil

Blind to Misfortune

Billy Griffiths & Hugh Popham

Blood On The Rising Sun

John Alexander McGregor

Bloody Buna: The Campaign that Halted the Japanese Invasion of Australia

Lida Mayo

Bloody Shambles, Vol I: The Drift to War

Christopher Shores & Brian Cull

Bloody Shambles, Vol II: The Defence of Sumatra

Christopher Shores & Brian Cull

Blue Door, The: A Little Girl's Story of Survival in the Japanese POW Camps of Java

Lise Kristensen

Blue Haze, The

Leslie G Hall

Blue Orchids

William Elliott Kelly

Boat, The

Walter Gibson

Borneo Graveyard 1941-1945, The

John S M Tulloch

Brave Japanese, The

Kenneth Harrison

Bridge Over the River Kwai, The

Pierre Boulle

Britains Never Never

Ken Porter

British Civilians and the Japanese War

Joseph Kennedy

British Infantryman in the Far East 1941-1945

Alan Jeffreys

British Pacific Fleet: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful Strike Force

David Hobbs

British Soldier in India: The Letters of Clive Branson

Clive Branson

British Sumatra Battalion

A.A. Apthorp

Britons Never Never (Once I built a railroad)

Ken Porter

Bunker's War

Paul Bunker

Burma Railway Artist

Jack Chalker

Burma Railway Man: Secret Letters from a Japanese POW

Charles Steel

Burma Railway Medicine

Geoff Gill & Meg Parkes

Burma Surgeon

Gordon S. Seagrave

Burma-Siam Railway - Secret Diary of Dr Robert Hardie 1942-45, The

Robert Hardie

By Eastern Windows

William H. McDougall

By Hellship to Hiroshima

Terence Kelly

Camp on Blood Island (fiction)

J.M.White & Val Guest

Campaign in Burma

Frank Owen

Captive Artists: The Unseen Art of British Far East Prisoners of War

Meg Parkes, Geoff Gill, Jenny Wood

Captive Fathers, Captive Children

Terry Smyth

Captive Memories: Far East POWs

Meg Parkes

Captive of the Rising Sun

Donald T. Giles

Captivity, Slavery and Survival as a Far East POW - The Conjuror on the Kwai

Peter Fyans

Captured Behind Enemy Lines

Daniel Berke

Changi - Reminiscences of a P.O.W. in Singapore

Mary Cornelius

Changi Book, The

Lachlan Grant

Changi Brownlow, The

Roland Perry

Changi Calendar 1995, The

Australian Govt

Changi Connection, The

David Tett

Changi Cross, The

Louise Cordingly

Changi Days: The Prisoner as Poet

David Griffin

Changi Diaries Singapore 1942-45, The

G.K. Marshall

Changi Interlude

Guy Heriot

Changi Photographer: George Aspinall's record of captivity

Tim Bowden  & George Aspinall

Changi Souvenir Song Album AIF

Ray Tullipan & Slim De Grey

Changi Teenage Soldiers

Gerard Sampson

Changi Terror

Jim Kent

Changi, the Lost Years: A Malayan Diary, 1941-1945

Thomas P.M. Lewis

Chaplain on the River Kwai

Chaim Nussbaum

Chindit War, The

Shelford Bidwell

Chungkai Memorial

Arthur Lane

Churches of the Captivity in Malaya, The

J.N. Lewis Bryan

Code of Love: a true story

Andro Linklater

Colonel of Tamarkan

Julie Summers

Conduct Under Fire

John Glusman

Conjuror of the Kwai

Peter Fyans

Conquering Tide, The: War in the Pacific Islands 1942-1944

Ian W.Toll

Corregidor: The American Alamo of World War 2

Eric Morris

Corregidor: The rock force assault 1945

E.M. Flanagan

Course For Disaster: From Scapa Flow to the River Kwai

Richard Pool

Crowded Hour

S. Cunyngham-Brown

Cumbria To Kwai

Tim Stewart

Day of Infamy: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Walter Lord

Dear Mum

Ken H. Stofer

Dear Philip: A Diary of Captivity - Changi 1942-45

Freddy Bloom

Death & Deprivation on the Forgotten Sumatra Railway

James H Banton

Death on the Hellships; Prisoners at sea in the Pacific War

Gregory F. Michno

Death Railway

Clifford Kinvig

Death Was Our Bedmate

Angus McEwan & Campbell Thomson

December 7 1941

Donald M. Goldstein & W. Prange

Defeat in Malaya - the Fall of Singapore

Arthur Swinson

Defeat into Victory

William Slim

Defining Years of the Dutch East Indies 1942-1949, The

Jan A Krancher

Deliverence it has come - e-book

John S. Beaber

Destination Kwai

Jack Shuttle

Destined Meeting

Leslie Bell

Devil at my Heels

Louis Zamperini & David Rensin

Diary of a Girl in Changi

Sheila Allan

Digger's Dtory

David Barrett & Brian Robertson

Disaster in the Far East 1941-1945

John Grehan & Martin Mace

Doctor Behind the Wire

Jackie Sutherland

Don't Ever Again Say 'It Can't Be Done

John Clemetson

Doomed Battalion

Peter Henning

Double Journey: Experiences and Teaching of a World War II FEPOW

Jack Butterfield

Down to Bedrock

Eric & Louise Cordingly

Dunkirk The Necessary Myth

Nicholas Harman

Durban 1942: A British Troopship Revolt

Gerry R.Rubin

East Indies Episode

Johan Fabricius

East Lancashire at War

Nick Dunnachie

Eastern Fleet and the Indian Ocean, The

Charles Stephenson

Echoes of a Living Hell

Aubrey E. Cooper

Echoes of Captivity

Louise Cordingly

Emperor’s Irish Slaves, The

Robert Widders

Emperor's Codes, The

Michael Smith

Emperor's Guest, The

Don Peacock

Emperor's Guest, The

Don Peacock

Empire of the Sun (fiction)

J.G. Ballard

End of the Imperial Japanese Navy, The

Masanori Ito

Endless Years, The

John T. Barnard

Enemy Subject

Peggy Abkhazi

Escape From Singapore

Sydney Charles George

Escape From Singapore, The

Richard Gough

Escape From The Bloodied Sun

Freddie Guest

Escape from the Japanese

Ralph Burton Goodwin

Escape From The Rising Sun

Ian Skidmore

Escape to Captivity

Peter Hartley

Escape to Fight On

John Whitehead & George B Bennet

Escape to Japanese Captivity

Mick & Margery Jennings

Faith Hope and Rice

Ellie Taylor

Fall of General Gordon Bennett, The

Brett Lodge

Fall of Hong Kong

Tim Carew

Fall of Japan, The

William Craig

Fall of Singapore, The

Frank Owen

Fearful Freedom

Robert Hamond

FEPOW - the story of a voyage beyond belief

Terence Kelly

Fight it Out

Captain Oliver L. Gordon

Fighting General

Tom Pocock

Fighting McKenzie - Anzac Chaplain

Col Stringer

Fire by Order

E.W. Maslen-Jones

First Reconnaissance of the Burma-Siam Railway

J.A Eldridge & H.C  Babb

Flame of Freedom

Robert Hamond

Foo - A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Frank Fujita

For Gunners Sake

L.J. Burns

Forgotten Armies

Christopher Bayly & Tim Harper

Forgotten Army's Box of Lions

Christopher David Johnson

Forgotten Heroes

Michael Bentinck

Forgotten Highlander, The

Alistair Urquhart

Forgotten Prisoners of War; FEPOWs and Their Families

Jacqueline Jeynes

Forgotten Squadron, The

Brian Williams

Forgotten VC's: The Victoria Crosses of the War in the Far East during WW2, The

Brian Best

Fortress Singapore

Siang Yong Yap

Fortress: The Story of the Siege and Fall of Singapore

Kenneth Attiwill

Forty two months in Durance Vile

R. Keith Mitchell

Frank Pantridge MC

Cecil Lowry

Fred's Letters: Letters to and From a FEPOW

Irene Chisnall & Caroline Maddocks et al

Freeing the Demons - Book One: Memories of 'Pop'.

Michael Nellis

Freeing the Demons - Book Two: Memories of 'Pop'.

Michael Nellis

From Gorbals to Jungle

Jack Caplan

From Java to Nagasaki

Les Spence

From Shanghai to the Burma Railway

Ed: Rory Laird

From the Somme to Singapore

Charles Huxtable

From the Woodlands to the Jungle

Martyn Fryer

Galleghan's Greyhounds 2/30th Australian Infantry

A.W.Penfold, W.C.Bayliss &  K.E.Crispin

Gallipoli & the Middle East

Anthony Keith Macdougall

Genki Boys, The

Terence Kelly

Gideon Goes to War

Leonard Mosley

Gods Without Reason

C F.Blackater

Great Betrayal, The

David Day

Great was the Fall ! - The Malayan Tragedy


Greatness of Heart

Patrick Rorke

Guest of Nippon

Eddie Hunn

Guests of the Emperor: The Secret History of Japan's Mukden POW Camp

Linda Goetz Holmes

Guilty or Innocent: Gordon Bennett Case

Mark Clisby

Hai Kuan: The Sea Gate

Christopher Biggs

Happiness Box, The

David Griffin (drawings by Leslie Greener)

Hard Way, The

V S Ebbage

He’s Not Coming Home

Gillian Nikakis

Healing in Hell: The Memoirs of a Far Eastern POW medic

Ken Adams

Hell in Five

Jack Symon

Hell in the Pacific

Jonathan Lewis & Ben Steele

Hell Pits of Sendryu, The: A POW story of survival on the Death Railway and Nagasaki

Jim Brigginshaw


Forbes Cameron

Hellfire Pass Memorial: Thailand-Burma Railway - Pamphlet

Ron Beattie

Heroes of F Force

Don Wall

Heroes of Rimau

Lynette Ramsay Silver

Heroes, The

Ronald McKie

Hidden Horrors

Yuki Tanaka

Highland Laddie

Walter Gibson

History of Changi, The

H.A. Probert

History of the British Battalion in the Malayan Campaign

Kooi Loong Chye

History of The Royal Norfolk Regiment Vol 3 1919 to 1951, The

P.K. Kemp

History: The East Surrey Regiment Vol. IV 1920-1952

David Scott Daniell

Hong Kong Full Circle 1939-1945

Alexander Kennedy

Hong Kong Internment 1942-1945

Geoffrey Charles Emerson

Horror in the East

Lawrence Rees

Horrors of War

Karen Farrington

Hostages to Freedom - The Fall of Rabaul

Peter Stone

House at Ampasiet, The

Paula Kogel

Hunting of Force Z, The

Richard Hough

Hurricane Over the Jungle

Terence Kelly

I Fed the 5000 - Experiences of John Franks

M.W. Cornell

I Remember Blamey

Norman D. Carlyon

I Saw Too Much

Lorraine Stumm

I'm Praying hard for You- Love Letters to a Death Camp


In 70 Days : Japanese Campaign in Malaya

Edwin Maurice Glover

In Defence of Singapore

A.V. Toze & S.Strange

In Honour of War Heroes

Athanasios Tsakonas

In My Father's Footsteps

Patricia Bienkowski

In Oriente Primas - A History of the Volenteer Forces in Malaya & Singapore

Jonathan Moffat & Paul Riches

In The Shadow

Geoffrey Burton

In the Shadow of Death

Idris James Barwick

Into the Smother

Ray Parkin

Japan Runs Wild 1942-1943


Japanese Army Handbook 1939-45

A.J. Barker

Japanese Bondage

George Frederick Whiting (Ronald Hastain)

Japanese experience in Indonesia

Anthony Reid & Akira Oki

Japanese Infantry Weapons

Donald B Mc Lean

Japan's Pacific War

Peter Williams

Judy Story, The

Edwin Varley

Judy: A Dog in a Million.

Damien Lewis

Jungle Beat, The

Roy Follows

Jungle is Neutral, The

Frederick Spencer Chapman

Jungle Journals

Frank & Ronald Williams

Jungle Soldier: The true story of Freddy Spencer Chapman

Brian Moynahan

Jungle Warfare

AIF set


Raymond Lamont - Brown

Kamikazes, The

Edwin P. Hoyt

Kanchanburi Memorial

Arthur Lane

Keep the Men Alive

Rosalind Hearder


Raymond Lamont - Brown

Kept-The Other Side of Tenko

Len Baynes

Khaki and Green

Australian Military Forces

Kill the Prisoners

Don Wall

King Rat

James Clavell

Kinkaseki: One Day at a Time

Arthur Titherington

Knights of Bushido, The

Lord Russell of Liverpool


Arthur Swinson

Kranji War Cemetry, Singapore Part I.



Cornel Lumiere

Kurrah ! An Australian POW in Changi and Thailand

William G..Power

Labuan Memorial

Arthur Lane

Lancashire Gunners at War - 88th Fld Reg

Stephen Bull

Last Flight From Singapore

Arthur Gerald Donahue DFC.

Last Man Out: Surviving the Burma-Thailand Death Railway: A Memoir

H. Robert Charles

Last Post over the River Kwai: The 2nd East Surreys in the Far East 1938-1945

Cecil Lowry

Last Stop Nagasaki

Hugh V Clarke

Lasting Honour, The

Oliver Lindsay

Laughing Gunner

Geoffrey Bingham

Lesser Gods Greater Devils

Arthur Lane

Lest We Forget

Ivy Woods

Lest We Forget: Life as a Japanese POW

Fred Seiker

Liberation of the Philippines

Stanley L. Falk

Liberation of the Phillipines, The

Jon Diamond

Life and Death in Changi

Thomas Kitching

Life on the Death Railway

Stuart Young

Line of Departure: Tarawa

Martin Russ

Line of Lost Lives

J.S. Cosford

Line, The

Arch & Martin Flanagan

Lion in The Sky

N. Shorrick

Living with Japanese

Terence Kelly

Long Night's Journey into Day: Prisoners of War in Hong Kong and Japan

Charles G Roland

Long Road to Changi, The

Peter Ewer

Long Way Back to the River Kwai

Loet Velmans

Long Way Home, The

Helen Vinter

Lost at Sea - Found at Fukushima

Andy Millar

Lost Samurai, The

Stephen Turnbull

Lost Sould of the River Kwai: Experiences of a British Soldier on the Railway of Death

Bill Reed & Mitch Peake

Love is the Spur

Geoffrey Bingham

Loyal Regiment (North Lanchashire) 1919-1953, The

Charles Graham Troughton Dean

MacArthur (Military Commanders)

Gavin Long


Arthur Lane

MacDougal's Farm

Eric Lambert

Main Fleet to Singapore

Russell Grenfell

Malayan Postscript

Ian Morrison

Malayan Tales of the Yorkshire Light Infantry

John Scurr

Mantle of Heroism

Michael B Graham

Marauders, The

Charlton Ogburn Jr


Arthur Lane

Masked Eden, a History of the Australians in New Guinea

Anne McCosker

Massacre at Parit Sulong

Gilbert Mant

Mastermind Behind Japan's Greatest Victory, The

M. Tsuji

Maturing Sun, The

Angela Bolton

Medical Soldiers

Bob Wislon and Ray Connolly

Men of the Line, The

Pattie Wright

Men Who March Away


Midnight in Broad Daylight

Pamela Rotner-Sakamoto

Militaria from the Pacific War - Their Stories

James Pollard

Miracle at Midway

Prange, Goldstein & Dillon

Miracle of Deliverance

Stephen Harper

Miracle on the River Kwai

Ernest Gordon

Missing Years, The

Stu Lloyd

Mist Over the Rice Fields

J.N. Shipster

Monsoon Victory

Gerald Hanley

Moon Over Malaya: A Tale of Argylls and Marines

Jonathan Moffatt, Audrey Holmes McCormick

Moonlight War, The

Trevor O'Brien


Arthur Swinson

Mountbatten's Samurai: Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Forces under British Control in Southeast Asia, 1945-1948

Stephen B Connor

My Dad, My Hero

Michael Bentinck

My Life as a POW of the Japanese 1942-1945

Arthur Charles

My Life with the Samurai

Tony Cowling

Naked Island, The

Russell Braddon

Narrow Road To The Deep North, The

Richard Flanagan

Nemesis: The Battle for Japan 1944-45

Max Hastings

Never Forget, Nor Forgive (paparback version of Ordeal in the Sun)

George Cooper

Never Surrender

Mark Felton

Night of the New Moon

Laurens van der Post

Nippon Slaves

Lionel de Rosario

Nippon Very Sorry - Many Men Must Die

Queensland Ex POW Reparation Committee

Nippon's Guest: A Sailor POW in Japan

Ted Anderson and Robin Rowe

No Bamboo for Coffins

David Elio Roberts

No Mercy from the Japanese

John Wyatt & Cecil Lowry

No More Tenko

W.R. Smith and J.N. Walker

No Surrender

W.E Johns and R.A Kelly

No Surrender in Burma

Fred C Goode

No Time For Geishas

Geoffrey Pharoah Adams

Nor Iron Bars

Stephen Bull

Not Enough Said: My father's Story

Duke Sell

Not much of a Picnic

Frederick John Baxter

Not Ordinary Men

John Colvin

Not the Slightest Chance

Tony Banham

Notify Alec Rattray

Meg Parkes


John Toland

Odd Man Out: The Story of the Singapore Traitor

Peter Elphick & Michael Smith

Of Frigates and Fillies

Capt C Poynder

Of Love and War

Philippa Pool

Of Rice And Men

Jimmy Walker

Okinawa 1945. Gateway to Japan

Ian Gow

One Day at a Time -Kinkaseki

Arthur Titherington

One For Every Sleeper

Jeffery English

One Fourteenth of an Elephant

Ian Denys Peek

One God, Too Many Devils

Arthur Lane

One Man's War

Stan Arneil

One Year of Life

Alan & Gordon Franklin

One-Man War

Hal Richardson

Operation Rangoon Jail

K.P. Mackenzie

Ordeal in the Sun (renamed Never Forgive, Never Forget)

George Cooper

Out East in the Malay Peninsula

G.E.D Lewis

Out in the Midday Sun - Singapore 1941-1945

Kate Caffrey

Out of the Blue

Terence O'Brien

Out of the Depths of Hell

John McEwan

Pacific 360-Australia's Battle for Survival WW2

Perry Roland

Pacific Fury. How Australia & her Allies Defeated the Japanese

Peter Thompson

Pacific War Atlas, The

David Smurthwaite

Paradise Surrendered: Java 1942

Frank Willams

Peace Keepers - Australia at War Since 1945, The

A.K. Macdougall

Pearl Harbor Papers

Donald M. Goldstein & Katherine V. Dillon

Percival And The Tragedy of Singapore

John Smyth

Piddingtons, The

Russell Braddon

POW on the Sumatra Railway

John Geoffrey Lee (ed Christine Bridges)

PoW Sketchbook

Judy & Stuart Dewey

POWs in the Moluccas and Flores (only available in Dutch)

J.H.W. Veenstra

Prelude to the Monsoon

G.F. Jacobs

Prender's Progress

John Prendegast

Priest in Prison

John Hayter

Prisoner Doctor

Richard Philps

Prisoner List, The

Richard Kandler

Prisoner of Japan

Harold Atcherley

Prisoner of Nippon

Ray Stubbs

Prisoner of the Japanese

Tom Henling Wade

Prisoner of the Japanese: From Changi to Tokyo

Tom Henling Wade

Prisoner of the Rising Sun

Stanley Wort

Prisoner of the Samurai

James Gee, Rosalie Smith

Prisoner of Two Wars

Sherriff & John Probert

Prisoner on the Kwai

Basil Peacock

Prisoner on the Rails

Aubrey E Cooper

Prisoner Without a Crime

Jack Jennings

Prisoners in Java


Prisoners of Hope

Michael Calvert

Prisoners of Santo Tomas

Celia Lucas

Prisoners of the Emperor

Ian Mitchell

Prisoners of the Empire: Inside Japanese POW Camps

Sarah Kovner

Prisoners of the Japanese in WWII

Van Waterford

Prisoners of the Japanese:  POWs of WWII in the Pacific

Gavin Dawes

Prisoners of the Sumatra Railway: Narratives of History and Memory

Lizzie Oliver & Stephen McVeigh

Prisoners of the Turnip heads: horror, hunger & humour

George Wright-Nooth & Mark Adkin

Prisoners of War

Hugh Clarke & Colin Burgess

Prisoners of War

Hugh Clarke & Colin Burgess

Prisoners of War: Australians under the Nippon

Hank Nelson

Prisoners on the Kwai: Memoirs of Dr Harold Churchill

Harold Churchill

Queen Mary's Book For India


Quiet Jungle - Angry Sea

Denis Gavin

Railroad of Death

John Coast

Railroad of Death

John Coast

Railroad to Hell

Leo Rawlings

Railway Man, The

Eric Lomax

Railway of Death

Fred Ransome Smith

Railway of Hell

Reginald Burton

Rainbow Through the Rain

Geoffrey Scott Mowat


James M Scott

Real Tenko, The: Extraordinary True Stories of Women POW

Mark Felton

Reassessing The Japanese Prisoner of War Experience

R.P.W. Havers

Red Jungle

John Cross

Remembering Weary

Margaret Geddes

Remorseleless Road: Singapore To Nagasaki, The

James McEwan

Retreat in the East

O.D. Gallagher

Retreat With Stilwell

Jack Belden

Return From the River Kwai

Joan and Clay Blair

Return of the Tiger

Brian Connell

Return Ticket, The

Michael Bennetts

Return Via Rangoon

Philip G. Stibbe

Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire

Gary Gordon

Rising Sun

Arthur Zich

Rising Sun in the Spice Islands

Richard Chauvel

Rising Sun on My Back, The

E.S. Benford

Rising Sun, The

John Toland

Rising Sunset, The

Ken Attiwill

River Kwai Railway

Clifford Kinvig

Road From Singapore

Diana Norman

Road to Three Pagodas, The

Reginald Burton

Royal Norfolk Regiment

Tim Carew

Sacrifice, Captivity & Escape

Peter Jackson

Safer Than a Know Way

Ian MacHorton & Henry Maule

Sai Wan Bay Memorial

Arthur Lane

Saipan 1944

John Grehan & Alexander Nicol

Samurais & Circumcisions

Dr Leslie Poidevin


Paul Ham

Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence

Lynette Ramsay Silver

Sandakan Under Nippon - The Last March

Don Wall

Sarong and the Kris, The

H.L.H. Harrison

Scapegoat: General Percival of Singapore

Clifford Kinvig

Scattered Under the Rising Sun

Stewart Mitchell

Second World War (Six Volume Boxed Set), The

Winston Churchill

Secrets of the Battlebox

Romen Bose

See Japan and Die

Frank Brimelow

Seed and the Sower, The

Laurens van der Post

Seventy Days to Singapore 1941-1942

Stanley L. Falk

Shadow of Hanaki

Edwin Joseph Ornstien

Shenton of Singapore

Brian Montgonery

Ships from Hell- Japanese War Crimes on the High Seas

Raymond Lamont-Brown

Short Cruise On The Vyner Brooke

Ralph E H Armstrong

Signal Honour

Robin Painter

Signals - Story of Austrlian Corps of Signals

AIF set

Singapore  - The Japanese Version

Masanobu Tsuji

Singapore - The Battle That Changed The World

James Leasor

Singapore - The Chain of Disaster

Kirby, Maj-Gen S. Woodburn

Singapore - The Inexcusable Betrayal

George Chippington

Singapore - The Pregnable Fortress

Peter Elphick

Singapore - Too Little Too Late

Ivan Simpson

Singapore 1941-1942

Louis Allen

Singapore and After

Lord R.N.Strabolgi

Singapore and Beyond

Neil Storey

Singapore and Beyond

Neil Storey

Singapore and the Thailand Burma Railway

Alfred Knights

Singapore Burning

Colin Smith

Singapore Goes Off The Air

Giles Playfair

Singapore in WW2

National Heritage Board

Singapore is Silent

Geroge Weller

Singapore Memorial

Arthur Lane

Singapore Nightmare

Outpost (Pseudonym) Crowther

Singapore RAF Memorial

Arthur Lane

Singapore Samurai

Penrod V Dean

Singapore Surrender

Gilbert Mant

Singapore Tragedy

S.E. Field

Singapore, Changi & the Thailand Railway

Kathrine Bell

Singapore: The Pregnable Fortress

Peter Elphick

Singapore: We Got Away, or Did We ?

Arthur McKenzie

Singapore's Dunkirk

Geoffrey Brooke

Sinhgapore and the Thailand Burma Railway

Alfred Knights

Sinister Twilight

Noel Barber

Sinking of the Lisbon Maru, The

Tony Banham

Sinking of the Prince of Wales & Repulse, The

Martin Middlebrook

Sixth Column, The

Mahmood Khan Durrani

Slaves of the Son of Heaven

Roy H Whitecross

Small Man of Nanataki

Liam Nolan

So Long Singapore

Hugh Campbell & Ron Lovell

Soldier Surgeon in Malaya

Thomas Hamilton

Songs of War & Peace

Geoffrey Bingham

South By Java Head

Alistair MacLean

Souvenir, The

Louise Steinmann

Sparrow- A Chronicle of Defiance

Grant McLeod McLachlan

Sparrows, The

Tony Paley

Speedo Speedo

William Spalding

Spell Broken, The

Peter Brune

Spice Island Slaves

Leslie Audus

Spotlight on Singapore

Denis Russell-Roberts

Spotlight on the Second World War

Nathaniel Harris

Staff Wallah: At The Fall Of Singapore

John Wyett

Stand Easy - After the Defeat of Japan

AIF set

Standing Orders for Civian Internees

Masato Sisaito

Sticky Dewi

Patricia Clements

Stilwell Papers, The

Joseph Stilwell

Stolen Years: Australian POW's

Vets Affairs

Storm at Kalidjati, The

Francis Hansen

Story of Changi Singapore, The

David Nelson

Story of the Rice Cakes, The

Geoffrey Bingham

Stranger in the House

Julie Summers

Suez Maru Atrocity, The: Justice Denied

Allan Jones

Suez To Singapore

Cecil Brown

Suffolk Regiment 1928-1946, The

Col. W.N.Nicholson

Sumatra's Fittest

David Spero (Ed Helen Lester)

Summer will Come Again

John Lane

Sunset in the East

John Hudson

Sunset of the Raj

Cecil Lee

Surgeon in the Jungle War

John A. Baty

Survival Factor, The

Rowley Richards & Marcia McEwan

Survival in Japanese POW camps with Changkol & Basket

Ernest C. Darch

Surviving Captivity

R W Christie

Surviving the Death Railway

Hilary Custance Green

Surviving the Japanese Onslaught

William Tate

Surviving the Sword

Brian McArthur

Survivor on the River Kwai

Reg Twigg

Survivor: Junyo Maru & Pekanbaru

Nicole Meindes & Willem Punt

Syona - Singapore Under The Japanese

Lee Cteok Boi

Syonan - My Story

Mamora Shinozaki

Taiping and KL Memorial

Arthur Lane

Tales From the Kings African Rifles

John Nunnerley

Tall Man who Never Slept, The

James Bradley

Tamajao 241

Ernest  Warwick

Tanamera (fiction)

Noel Barber

Tarawa - A Hell of a Way To Die

Derrick Wright

Tattered Remnants, The

Eric Burgoyne

Thailand to Burma Railway

Geoffrey Pharoah Adams

Thanbazayat Memorial

Arthur Lane

That's My Lot

Lionel Griffith-Jones

The Borneo Graveyard

John S M Tuloch

The Summer of '45

Kevin Telfer

Their Last Tenko

James Home

Their Sacrifice - Australia Remembers 1945-1995

Rob Linn

Their's Not To Reason Why

Vivienne Chatfield

Thin Red Line, The

James Jones

This War Never Ends

Michael McKernan

Those Crazy British

Edward S. Strutt

Thousand Cups of Rice: Surviving the Death Railway

Kyle Thompson

Three Came Home

Agnes Newton Keith

Three Times a Guest

Charles.A. Fisher

Tigers in the Park

Jon Cooper

Tin Hats & Rice

Barbara Anslow

To End All Wars: A True Story about the Will to Survive and theCourage to Forgive

Ernest Gordon

To Japan to Lay a Ghost

Peter S.Rhodes

To Sandakan: The Diaries of Charlie Johnstone

Chris Dawson

To Singapore and Beyond:

Neil R. Story

To Stop a Rising Sun: Reminiscences of Wartime Burma and India

Roy S. Humphreys

To the Kwai - and Back

Ronald Searle

To War with the Walkers

Annabel Venning

Tobo - One Woman's Escape

Jane Tierney

Tokyo Calling

Ivan Chapman

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day

Tom Moore

Tomorrow You Die

Eric S. Cooper

Tomorrow You Die

Eric S. Cooper

Towards the Setting Sun

James Bradley

Traces of War

Jan Banning

Traitors: How Australia and its Allies betrayed our Anzacs

Frank Walker

Two Years of Tenko

Elizabeth van Kampen & Cec Lowry

Ubon: The Last Camp Before Freedom

Ray Withnall


Laura Hillenbrand

Under the Heel of Bushido

Martin Sugarman

Under the Poached Egg

Ronald & Frank Williams

Under the Rising Sun: War Captuvity and Survival 1941-1945

Edward W. Weiss

Underated Enemy, The

Adrian Stewart

Undercover University

Frank Bell

Unexplained Mysteries of WW2

Robert Jackson

Unforgettable Army, The

Michael Hickey

Unknown To The Emperor

James Hill

Unsung Heroes of the British Army

Pam Stubbs

Unsung Heroes of the Royal Air Force - Far East Prisoners of War 1941-45

Les & Pam Stubbs

Unsung Heroes of the Royal Navy & Royal Marines

Pam Stubbs

Unwritten Letters to Spring Street

Jacquelyn Frith

Valleys of the Shadow of Death

Charles Thrale Exibition

Volunteer: The Story of One Man's War in the East

Paul Gibbs Pancheri

War Against Japan, The - Vol I

Maj-Gen S. Woodburn et al

War Against Japan, The - Vol II

Maj-Gen S. Woodburn et al

War Against Japan, The - Vol III

Maj-Gen S. Woodburn et al

War Against Japan, The - Vol IV

Maj-Gen S. Woodburn et al

War Against Japan, The - Vol V

Maj-Gen S. Woodburn et al

War Behind the Wire

Michael Caulfield

War Dead of The British Commonwealth & Empire, The - Part I

No Author

War Diaries of Weary Dunlop, The

E.E. Dunlop

War in Burma

Roy Mckelvie

War in Malaya

Lieut-Gen A.E. Percival

War in Malaya and Indonesia

Philip Cockrill

War in the Far East (Trilogy)

Peter Harmsen

War memories. A medical Student in Malaya and Thailand

Gordon Smith

War Time Memories

Michael Bentinck

Warriors of the Rising Sun

Robert B. Edgerton

War-Time Interlude of a  Temporary Soldier 1941-45.

Forbes Wallace

Way of a Boy, The: A Memoir of Java

Ernest Hillen

We Shall Suffer There. Hong Kong's Defenders Imprisoned 1942-1945

Tony Banham

Wearside Lad in World War 2, A

Len Gibson

Weary - The Life of Sir Ed Dunlop Vol 1

Sue Ebury

Weary - The Life of Sir Ed Dunlop Vol 2

Sue Ebury

What Price Bushido

Alfred Thomas Baker

What Price Surrender

Desmond Jackson

When Singapore Fell: Evacuations and Escapes 41-42

Joseph Kennedy

When Tigers Fight

Dick Wilson

When You Go Home

Arthur Lane

Where Are All The Madmen

Arthur Lane

Where Fate Leads

Harry Howarth

While History Passed

Jessie Elizabeth Simons

White Coolie

Ronald Hastain

White Coolies

Betty Jeffrey

Who Dies Fighting

Angus Rose

Why Singapore Fell

Grl. H Gordon Bennett

Why We Lost Singapore

Dorothy Crisp

Will to Live

L.L. Baynes

Will to Live – three true stories

Michael Bentinck

Will To Live, The - Dame Margot Turner

Sir John Smyth

Will to Survive, The

Douglas McLaggan

Wingate Adventure

W.G. Burchett

Wingate's Phantom Army

W.G. Burchett

Wingate's Raiders

Charles James Rollo

Wings Over Burma

Kenneth Hemmingway

With Freedom to Singapore

Oswald Gilmour

With the A.A.N.S. 1939-1945

Edith D.K. Eadie

With The Cambrideshires at Singapore

William Taylor

With the Gurkhas

Scott Leathart

With Wingate in Burma

David Halley

Women Beyond the Wire

Lavinia Warner

Women Interned in WW2 Sumatra

Barbara Coombs

World War II - As Seen Through Kids Eyes

R & C Brink

Worst Disaster, The - The Fall of Singapore

Raymond Callahan

You Must Endure

Chris Given-Wilson

You'll Die in Singapore

Charles McCormac

You'll Never Get Off The Island

Keith Wilson

Young Colonials, The

Barbara Anslow


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