Maros Maru

Having put together a page on Jack Prior, for Nick Francis, I read parts of ‘Prisoner Doctor’ by Richard Philips who was a Medical Officer on Java, also Haruku Island and Ambon Island as the book was in my FEPOW Book Library. Many things then slipped into place regarding entries I have put into the Java Index concerning the Maros Maru. The frightening figures of 372 deaths on board made me look back in my databases and found a roll of the names I made in 2011. I made notes at the time that the ship was carrying PoWs back from Ambon to Java. The figures suggest that the ship was sunk, then on reading Philip’s book I realised that the ship was at sea for 60 days and the PoWs died from disease. I have decided to compile a complete list of those 372 who died into the Hell Ships section of the Roll of Honour. It is, in a round about way, connected with the Java Index as they all were originally transported from Java and the names will be added to the Java Index when I have completed the roll. Most of those who died were Royal Air Force personnel except the Netherland PoWs. I will include an article on the transportation from Java to Haruku Island then Ambon Island and then the voyage back to Java in the Maros Maru. I will let you know when it is within the Roll of Honour pages.