Java Index ‘K’s

Brian Green supplied me with a list of the British Army personnel in Java within two pdfs, these are A-J and L-Z. The A-J section has taken the last six months to add it to the Java Index, but the A-J are are now on live. Will now start on the L-Zs ASAP. There are many more files to add but the Java Index now contains over 30000 names with transports from Java:-

Frederick Noel Taylor

I do spend a lot of time writing pages for loved ones, so I had time out this morning putting my fathers together in the Roll of Honour:-…/taylor-frederick-noel.htm

His full story is at, interesting if Royal Norfolks, 18th Division:-…/index.htm

He was born on Christmas Day 1918, therefore named ‘Noel’, this Christmas he would have been 98.