William George Chapman

Miranda has transcribed some verse from William’s notebook.

Have added one of these to William’s page, but would like to add all of them to a page in  Far Eastern Heroes, awaiting Miranda’s permission.

Miranda has also sent me William’s collection of FEPOW documents he gathered, I would also like to add these, there are a lot and make a great read.


Have started a section in the Far Eastern Heroes ‘William Chapman’s Notebook’ which includes verse, Campaign in Malaya and collected documents:-


I will be adding the documents as I go through them, which will take a lot of time as there are a lot of them.

Ernest Sydney Benford

Have added a page Ernest Sydney Benford, the son of Edward Charles Benford, they are side by side in the Roll of Honour.


Sarah Crook
Japanese Homeland Camps
Capt. Wilkie’s Diary
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