PTSD Awareness Project

My name is Natalie Walters, and I tutor middle school and high school students. I am helping a student with a project on substance abuse among veterans, and a PTSD awareness project.

During the research, I came across your website, and I noticed that on your resource page you list some helpful websites for veterans and their families.

My student Emma also found these pages and thought it would be a nice addition to your page:

Quit Smoking Community’s guide to tobacco addiction amongst veterans:


a helpful resource for veterans struggling with substance abuse issues on Addiction Resource:

If you do decide to add these to your page, please let me know! I would be excited to show Emma that we were able to give something back!

Best Wishes,

Natalie Walters

George Harry Swoish

Carpets fitted in Son’s flat yesterday and while talking to Paul, carpet fitter, found out his grandfather George Harry Swoish was a Japanese PoW.

Promised to put information into the Roll of Honour for him:-

Paul Wildner
Convoy William Sail 12X
Royal Norfolks in the Far East
Thailand-Burma Railway
KEW:- WO 361/2171, WO 361/2172, WO 345/50, WO 361/1955, WO 361/2196, WO 361/2166

John Robert Leman Church

Miranda sent me photos of a cut throat razor her father brought back from the Far East as she would like to get in touch with family members of Australian John Robert Leman Church, its original owner.

I have collected as much information as I could and put a page into the Roll of Honour about John:-

In the hope it is seen by a family member.

Parcel Arrived

A big thank you to Miranda for sending her fathers cuttings and papers.

Had a quick look as we were just out of the door.

What a collection !!!

It will take time to sift through them but will definitely provide more pieces of the jig saw.

A late Christmas present but what a gift.

Thanks again Miranda XXX