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The Blog Captain shows people who have influenced me, giving me encouragement and inspiration to write these pages.

Left to right:-

Leslie Rooney –  – Maurice Rooney – Reg Rainer.

Centre:- Alistair Urquhart – Reg Rainer – Gillian Taylor (my wife in the background, always there for me).

Fred Taylor (my pop) – Arthur Lane – John Green MBE.

Roger Mansell – Photo not included. Roger was a good American friend who inspired me to take on the Java Index, miss his encouragement.


Leslie Rooney – Roll of Honour

Maurice Rooney – Roll of Honour

Brothers in Arms – Far Eastern Heroes (Leslie and Maurice Rooney)

Reg Rainer – Roll of Honour

Reg Rainer Returns – Far Eastern Heroes (Reg Rainer and his wife Win)

Alistair Urquhart – Roll of Honour

Alistair Urquhart – Far Eastern Heroes (Alistair Urquhart)

Frederick Noel Taylor – Roll of Honour (my pop)

Private 5776807 – Far Eastern Heroes (Fred Taylor – my pop)

Arthur Lane – Roll of Honour

Musician to the Dead  – Fepow Community (Arthur Lane)

John Green – Roll of Honour

John Green MBE – Britain at War (John Green)

Roger Mansell – Roll of Honour

A big thank you to those of the FEPOW Family and FEPOW Community who are donating to help keep these pages for the next generation to read. I am forever in your debt.

Brothers in Arms

In the early 1990’s I developed a friendship with Maurice Rooney who was a FEPOW living within 20 miles from me at Norwich. From our chats on the phone and emails we put together his story ‘Brothers in Arms’ and he let me have an audio recording which he made in 1991. I miss our chats, especially when I lost my own father in 2001, Maurice helped soothe the loss and the pain of losing the COFEPOW site in the same year. Maurice died 2002. During the following years I lost the web site pages (nod) as my computer went down. Just recently I started putting his story together again, mainly for the book I am writing, but also believe Maurice would like it placed within ‘Far Eastern Heroes’ for all to read and listen to as originally intended. I must admit I did get choked up when it was completed and I read through it and listened to his recording.

This is his story ‘Brothers in Arms’ which does hold my copyright:-

James Ferrow

I used to visit David Ferrow’s book shop in Howard Street Sth, Great Yarmouth as he stocked shelves of historic books on Great Yarmouth and the Far East. We used to have a chat while I looked through the books and he told me his brother James was a PoW but died out there. I did some research and found his brother died after liberation when the plane taking him from Saigon to Rangoon crashed killing all on board. before I could relay my findings Mr Ferrow died:-

Commonwealth War Grave Commission
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