Frederick Charles Seamark

Added a page in the Roll of Honour for Frederick Charles Seamark:-

Help Required Please
I hope to find the person I am looking for.
On 11th November 2016 while visiting the U.K. I came across an elderly gentleman selling poppies in March High Street, opposite Superdrug. I purchased my poppy cross and told him I was taking it to Kanchburi War Cemetery, Thailand. We got chatting and it turned out his brother-in-law was also buried there but nobody from his family had the opportunity to visit and pay their respects. I purchased a second cross and said I would be honoured to do this on his behalf. I think the gentleman lives in the Ely or Sutton area.
The photo shows his cross on the grave.

Lesley Serrao Da Veiga
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
KEW:- WO 361/2167, WO 361/1623, WO 361/2064, WO 361/2178, WO 361/1526, WO 361/2053, WO 345/46, WO 361/1955