Java Party 20

I have just worked out the fate of Java Party 20. Who sailed to Singapore in the Kiska Maru, arriving 1944/05/21. On the 3rd June they sailed with Japan Part 1 to Japan the whole Java Party 20 being put in the Miyo Maru. The convoy contained four ships transporting PoWs to Japan. They sailed via Manila and then onto Taiwan but hit a bad storm and the Miyo Maru sustained damage, the PoWs from the ship were transferred to the Tamahoko Maru. The convoy sailed on to Japan. 40 miles S.W. of Nagasaki they were attacked by US Tang (submarine) which hit the Tamahoko Maru and sunk her. Out of the 800 PoWs from Java Party 20 only 230 survived. They were taken to Fukuoka 14B. I did find this sinking before but now I know it was the Java Party 20 by comparing the names of those who died with the list I have of Java Party 20.