Maros Maru

Having put together a page on Jack Prior, for Nick Francis, I read parts of ‘Prisoner Doctor’ by Richard Philips who was a Medical Officer on Java, also Haruku Island and Ambon Island as the book was in my FEPOW Book Library. Many things then slipped into place regarding entries I have put into the Java Index concerning the Maros Maru. The frightening figures of 372 deaths on board made me look back in my databases and found a roll of the names I made in 2011. I made notes at the time that the ship was carrying PoWs back from Ambon to Java. The figures suggest that the ship was sunk, then on reading Philip’s book I realised that the ship was at sea for 60 days and the PoWs died from disease. I have decided to compile a complete list of those 372 who died into the Hell Ships section of the Roll of Honour. It is, in a round about way, connected with the Java Index as they all were originally transported from Java and the names will be added to the Java Index when I have completed the roll. Most of those who died were Royal Air Force personnel except the Netherland PoWs. I will include an article on the transportation from Java to Haruku Island then Ambon Island and then the voyage back to Java in the Maros Maru. I will let you know when it is within the Roll of Honour pages.

Leornard Robinson

Page added for Jean Burgman’s father. Leonard Robinson left Shamshuipo Camp in Hong Kong, he was transported on the Tatusta Maru to Osaka 21-B (became 6B) (Chikko Camp).

Tony Banham sent me some more information which is now added to Leonard’s page, thanks Tony

I believe this is correct now Jean Burgum it is a bit different from your original but I believe it is now correct:-