Harold Perry

Mervyn phoned and asked for details on Harold Perry, as there were quite a few entries I started a page in the Roll of Honour for him in the ‘Site Memorial’ section:-


Mervyn Stone
Hell Ships by Ron Taylor
Hofuku Maru – Roll of Honour by Ron Taylor
Phillipines – Roll of Honour by Ron Taylor
Hell in Five – by Jack Symon
Japanese Homeland Camps – Roll of Honour by Ron Taylor
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Dominic Michael Stringer

Added various maps to make escape journey clearer:-


Had to find Malay names:-

Peak Island is now Kusa Island

Sungai means river in Malay and is written before the river name (Sungai Batanghari)

Paula means Island in Malay and is written before the island name (Paula Durian)

Djambi River is now called Batang Hari River (Sungai Batanghari)

I believe this makes the journey clearer.

A WHOOPEE 24 hours

It has been one of those 24 hours I often dream about. You wouldn’t believe the jig I just did around my workshop come office. An accumulation of events have fitted some long lost pieces of the jigsaw together, chuffed is an understatement, ‘I Am Over The Moon’. Gemma’s hankie was the beginning which sparked the events. That led to my remembering I had put a hankie into the Death Railway pages under the Kaorin Camp.


That led me to starting a database on Kaorin Camp which triggered me searching the web for the ‘Kaorin Camp’. That led me to finding the water colour and the news that the hankies were part of a liberation plane drop. That led me to Debbie’s plea for help on her great uncle’s hankie and her joing the FEPOW Family Facebook group. That led to sketches on Chungkai Entertainments as there was a sketch on the Kaorin Camp.

And Finally the WHOOPEE event one of the sketches contained JOHN COAST as STAGE MANAGER. John was the author of ‘Railway of Death’ which has recently been re-released. My father said it was the nearest book on his time in the Camps in Thailand. So I went back to do some research and have completed John’s page with index card etc. which I started about 10 year ago. Over the moon -I am still bubbling:-




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